Saturday, June 11, 2011

At Home With Ollie the Otter....Ollie is Now on the Hunt for Hummingbirds!!

Around our house, we are somewhat fascinated with Hummingbirds.  We like to put feeders out on our tree every year to attract the little birds so that we can sit on the front porch and watch them or watch them from inside.

This year, we decided to try a "Topsy Turvy Hummingbird Hangout".  I'm sure everyone is familiar with the "Topsy Turvy" product line.  They first came out with the Tomato planter where the tomatoes grow upside down.

We were a bit disappointed at our $5 purchase at first, because the hangout didn't come with anything besides the hangout itself.  It didn't come with any kind of seeds or soil.  We were still determined to try out our Hummingbird Hangout, so we went to Lowe's and sought the advice of a lawn and garden expert.  She suggested that we get Red Salvia, or as it sometimes called, Scarlett Sage.  We took her up on her advice, bought some potting soil, and then we were on our way back home to put together our Hangout for our bird friends.  

After about 45 minutes to an hour later, this is what we ended up with:

Pretty, isn't it?

Since putting it up in our tree, we've seen a couple of Hummingbirds, but not as many as we'd like to, so I think that we're going to have to get one of our Hummingbird feeders and fill it with sugar water, and maybe, just maybe the Hummingbirds will start coming around.

Below are some pictures that Brett took a few years ago of some Hummingbirds that frequented our feeders.  He's pretty proud of the way that they turned out.  I must admit that I am too, and thought I'd take the opportunity to 1) brag on Brett a little and 2) share the pictures with you.  I hope you enjoy.

Oh, and for those of you who were wanting to read about Ollie in this post, never fear.  I haven't forgotten.  He's been quite tired from fishing & traveling, so he sat on the porch while the Hummingbird Hangout got assembled.  However, not too long after it had been up in the tree, Brett and I looked around and couldn't find him ANYWHERE!!!

I finally looked up in the tree and this is what I saw:

I guess that we're going to have to keep an eye on Ollie.  Otters like to eat birds sometimes, ya know!!!  Silly Ollie!!!

I'm not sure what Ollie wants to do next, but you can bet that whatever it is, I'll be sure to let you, my dear and faithful readers know ALL about it!!!

And That's What Sarah Said!!!

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