Saturday, June 4, 2011

Meet Ollie the Otter!!!

Below is a picture of Ollie the Otter.  He knocked on our door a while back during the flooding.  He asked us to show him around our area, so we agreed to do just that.  He's kind of shy at times, but at other times he's more than happy to have his picture taken.

Today, he could be spotted at the "400 Mile Sale".  This is a sale that spans 400 miles of Kentucky's Scenic Byway, Historic Highway 68.

This huge yard sale started on June 2nd, and finishes up tomorrow, June 5th. It stretches from Paducah, Kentucky, all the way across the state of Kentucky, to Maysville. This is the eighth year for the 400-mile event.

Click here to view the Facebook page dedicated to this huge yard sale.  You can also find locations and other information about this sale here ... their official website.

I'm pretty sure that Ollie and his lovely bargain hunters/tour guides didn't get to cover all 400 miles of this sale today, but I'll bet they were able to find some great bargains.  I just hope that Ollie was able to get some clams or fish for lunch.

Be sure to check back periodically to see where Ollie travels to next.  Who knows?  He might be headed to a place near you!!!

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