Monday, June 20, 2011

My Review of "Don't Ever Change" by John H. Carroll

While trying to fulfill my personal reading challenge of reading 100 books by the end of this year, I'm also trying to read books in genres that I normally wouldn't read.

I found Don't Ever Change when looking through some Facebook pages that I follow for free Kindle ebooks. The synopsis was quite intriguing to me, and it was a very short read, so I downloaded it to my Kindle to start reading.

Want to know what pages these are?  Well, that's a whole other blog entry. :)

Now, back to my review/thoughts about this short story.

Remember back in your school days when you would sign other students' year books and would write stuff like "Stay cool" or "Don't Ever Change"?  Well, that's the premise of this short story.

A student has Lori, one of the pretty, well-liked students of his class sign his yearbook. Lori doesn't really know the student, because he's kind of a loner, or an outsider and doesn't really have any friends.  She goes ahead and signs his yearbook, just like many other students have before her with the words, "Don't Ever Change" and goes about her day.

Fast forward twenty-three years later, when Lori is back in town for her mother's funeral.  Lori makes a stop at the school to see her old "stomping grounds" and finds the guy whose yearbook she signed years ago.

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I don't want to give the rest of this short story away, but it gets interesting after this point.

This psychological thriller only took me about twenty minutes to read, and although I don't usually like to read thrillers, I actually enjoyed this story.  

The only thing that I didn't like, was that the story's ending kind of seemed rushed.

If you're a lover of thrillers, I would definitely recommend this story to you.  

This is the first short story of John H. Carroll's that I have read, but I will definitely have to add him to my "Favorite Author List".

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