Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ollie at Leigh Creek Monument -- TenSleep Canyon, Wyoming

After "The Three Amigos" (AKA Jimmy, Kyle, and Ollie) were done sightseeing at The Continental Divide, the group headed on to see the Leigh Creek Monument at TenSleep Canyon.

The Leigh Creek Monument is located at the rim of TenSleep Canyon and is topped with a cross and was erected in 1889 in memory of an English nobleman who fell 200 feet off the Ten Sleep Canyon Wall, while in pursuit of a Big Horn Sheep.

Ollie With the Sign for Leigh Creek Monument
The sign reads:

    At the rim above TenSleep Canyon is the Leigh Creek Monument, erected in 1889 in memory of English nobleman Gilbert E. Leigh.  Leigh, a lifelong big game hunter and outdoor enthusiast, went missing during a hunting expedition.  Following his disappearance, men from the local area searched for Leigh; unfortunately, after a week of searching, they found Leigh's body and discovered that he had fallen 100 feet to his death over the canyon wall while in pursuit of mountain sheep.  The monument, erected by well known Sheridan area guide Robert Stewart, is laid up of native stone in dry mortar and is approximately ten feet square at the base.  It contains a marble slab with an inscription memorializing Leigh, who was buried in Stoneleigh, England.

I wonder where Ollie will be spotted at next, don't you?  Stay tuned, dear readers, and we'll find out!

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