Friday, June 24, 2011

Ollie the Otter at the Continental Divide!

After Ollie got to see "Old Faithful", he and the group of travelers went on to see other sites.  Next stop:  The Continental Divide!

The Continental Divide is an imaginary line running roughly north to south that separates waters that run to the pacific ocean from those that flow to the Atlantic/Gulf of Mexico.  Rain or melting snow on one side  flows west to the Pacific Ocean; on the other side, rivers and streams flow northeast to Hudson Bay, Canada, or southeast to the Gulf of Mexico. 

Every continent except Antarctica has a continental divide, and as is the case in North America, a few continents have more than one.


Is It Just Me or Does This Look Like an Album Cover for a Band? "Ollie & The Continental Divide".

"The Three Amigos" Goofing Off

Up to No Good, I'm Sure!

I'm not too sure if Ollie liked the snow, but it looks like he had fun nonetheless.

Where will Ollie be next?  STAY TUNED! :)

And That's What Sarah Says!!!

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