Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ollie the Otter -- Ollie at Two Medicine Lake at Glacier National Park

After seeing Running Eagle Falls and  taking a nice car ride in the "Red Jammers", Ollie and his group of fellow travelers had one more thing to do in Glacier National Park before moving on to their next destination.  Before they left, they wanted to do a scenic cruise on Two Medicine Lake.

Located in Glacier National Park, in Montana, Two Medicine Lake is approximately 2 miles long and .33 miles wide.  Sinopah Mountain dominates the western view from the lake, while immediately to the north, Rising Wolf Mountain rises over 4,450 feet above the lake.  The region was considered sacred ground by several Native American tribes including the Blackfeet and they performed Vision quests here. Aside from Chief Mountain, the Two Medicine area is the most sacred section of the park to the Blackfeet.


Jimmy & Olliein Front of the Sign for the Two Medicine Scenic Cruises

Jimmy Holding Ollie Up Next to the Sign for the Two Medicine Scenic Cruises

Jenny & Ollie Enjoying the Cruise Along Two Medicine Lake

Ollie Wanted a Closer Look at Two Medicine Lake


Ollie and the group had quite a sightseeing experience at Glacier National Park  They saw quite a bit of pretty scenery.  I wonder where they will head to next, don't you?  Stay tuned, dear readers!!

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