Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ollie the Otter Says, "Here, Fishy, Fishy!" and Goes on a Fishing Trip!

Ollie took a day off after his unsuccessful hunt for Yogi the Bear and his picnic baskets.  Today, however, he decided he'd try his hand at another way finding something good to

Ollie went with Brett's dad, Jim and Brett's nephew, Jimmy AKA "Jim 4" or "Quatro" on a charter boat to try his hand at fishing.  This shouldn't be too hard, since Otters LOVE fish.

Below, is Ollie getting ready for a day of fishing.  By the looks of him here, I think he was so hungry that he could have eaten the sign!

As you can see from the sign above, the group of fishermen went on a 36-foot Tiara Yacht named The "Leader".   The " Leader" operates out of Milwaukee's McKinley Marina and Racine's Reef Point (during the early Spring). She starts her season in Racine, Wisconsin because the salmon start out in the southern end of the lake. As the fish migrate north, "The Leader" and her crew migrate with them.

The "Leader" spends the remainder of the year in Milwaukee, which is regarded as one of the top charter fishing ports on Lake Michigan. More Wisconsin state record fish have been caught out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin than any other port! Jack's Charter Service offers a great charter fishing experience and a No Fish-No Charge guarantee on their 8-hour trips!

This charter boat boasts "More Tournament Wins & Top 5 Finishes than any other Milwaukee charter boat!"

Below is a picture of Jimmy 4 with his big catch of the day, a Rainbow Trout:

Nice fish, "Quatro"!!  I'll bet Ollie was excited at this catch!!!

Finally, here's a picture of all of the fish that our fishermen caught on their trip.  From the looks of these fish, I'm sure Ollie and his group of tour guides ate pretty well!

I'll bet Ollie caught the little one in the bottom corner, what do you think? ;)

Stay tuned to see where Ollie will show up next.  I'm sure he has some "Super" things to experience and show us!!!

And That's What Sarah Said!!!

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