Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ollie the Otter -- Still at Glacier National Park & Lodge!

Apparently Ollie liked it so much at Glacier National Park, that he talked the group into staying a bit longer to look around at the beautiful scenery.

After taking in more scenery at Glacier National Park, Ollie and the group stopped in at Glacier Park Lodge to relax for a bit before heading on to their next stop.

Glacier Park Lodge is located on the eastern gateway of Glacier National Park. Glacier Park Lodge and Resort is a rustic western theme lodge that was built along the main line of the Burlington Northern Railroad. The highlight of Glacier Park Lodge are the huge Douglas Fir pillars that are over 40 feet high and 40 inches in diameter that form the supports in the distinguished lobby.

Ollie Reading the Sign Warning of Grizzly Bears...Oh My!

Uh Oh!!! Ollie Can't Go Any Farther...Or Can He?!?!?

Looks Like Ollie Found a Way Past That Mark and is Now Safely With Jenny & Kyle Enjoying the Scenery at Glacier National Park!

How Does Ollie ALWAYS Manage to Find Signs?  "Better Be Careful, There's Danger Ahead!", Ollie Says.

Another Sign, But Where's Ollie?  Is He Hiding?

"The Three Amigos" Showing Jenny Which Way to Go.  Such Nice Helpers!
Glacier Park Lodge -- Such a Pretty View!
The 40" in Diameter Douglas Fir Trees Inside the Glacier Park Lodge

Ollie Trying to Make a New Friend, But For Some Reason, the Mountain Goat Wouldn't Talk Back!
Ollie & Kyle Try to Talk to This Indian..He Wouldn't Talk to Them Though!

What a Way to End the Day -- Relaxing Inside By the Fireplace at Glacier Park Lodge!

Just where will Ollie be seen next?  Stay tuned, dear readers!!

And That's What Sarah Says!!!

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