Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ollie the Otter's Search for Yogi Bear at Jellystone Park in Caledonia, Wisconsin!!!

 After a couple of days of getting some much needed rest from his busy weekend, Ollie was up bright and early to get in a day of sightseeing and bear hunting at Jellystone Park in Caledonia, Wisconsin.

Below, Ollie is patiently waiting to get to the park so he can find Yogi Bear and hopefully help Yogi score some good food in picnic baskets.

Apparently, Ollie is overcoming his shyness and is slowly warming up to the thought of having his picture taken.  Here, he is shown with a cutout of Yogi the Bear.  Of course, he wouldn't stay here for very long...there were picnic baskets to be had!!!

Poor Ollie!!! Yogi wasn't anywhere to be seen today.  I guess it was too hot for him, even if there WERE picnic baskets in the park.  Below, Ollie is resting on the hood of his tour guides' vehicle after the long and exhausting day of searching for the elusive Yogi.  Better luck next time,  Ollie!!!

And now, some interesting information about Yogi Bear:

Yogi Bear lends his name to a chain of recreational vehicle and camping parks ("Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park Camp Resorts"), with the first opening in 1969, in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. As of 2010, over 70 new locations have hosted the parks, including Robert, Louisiana, Van Buren, Missouri, and Gardner, New York.

That's all from Ollie the Otter today.  Who knows where he'll show up next!!!

And That's What Sarah Said!!!

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