Friday, June 3, 2011

Too Much Time on His Hands or Creative Oreo Cookie Genius? You Decide!!

Last week, we made a trip to Wal-Mart and happened to stop in the cookie aisle....BIG MISTAKE!!

Brett and I both have a soft spot for Oreos and have a hard time saying "no" to buying them.  We were going to try the new fudge covered Oreos, but we instead settled on our all time favorite, Double Stuf Oreos.

When we got home and put all of our groceries away, we decided that we deserved some cookies.  Brett opened the package and after eating a few of regular Double Stuf Oreos (twisted apart, of course), he decided to try something crazy....see for yourself....

 What you see here is a Quadruple Stuf Oreo!  That's double the Double Stuf!  I tried to get him to go for three Double Stuf Oreos, but he said that he had to draw the line somewhere.

Has anyone else done this?  I'm sure Brett's not the only one.  I'd even venture to say that there is someone who has done more than a Quadruple Stuf Oreo!  If you or someone you know has done this, I want to see it.  Just send me a picture and I'll showcase it here on my blog!!!

In the meantime, keep eating matter what kind...they're all tasty!!!

And That's What Sarah Said!!!

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