Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ollie the Otter at St. Ignatius Mission in Montana!

After seeing quite a bit of scenery at Two Medicine Lake in Glacier National Park, the group decided to head on to see more sites.  They stopped at St. Ignatius, Montana to look at the St. Ignatius Mission.

Founded in 1854, the St. Ignatius Mission was founded by Father Pierre-Jean De Smet and Father Adrian Hoecken.  These men were Jesuits.

Local clay was used in forming the bricks for the building and the lumber was cut from nearby foothills.

At one time (from 1875-1900), the building housed a printing press, lumber mill, an agricultural and industrial school for boys; and a boarding school for girls. The cornerstone of the present mission church was laid in 1891.

The printing press, lumber mill, and schools no longer exist, but the church and two smaller historical building are still there.  Today, the church is renowned not for it's  history, or beautiful back-setting of scenery behind the St. Ignatius Mission Church, but by the beautiful murals on the walls and ceiling and by who painted them.

Brother Joseph Carignano, an Italian Jesuit who served the mission as cook and handyman undertook to painting the church with murals of scenes from the Old and New Testaments, as well as paintings of some of the saints. Carignano had no formal training in art and painted in what little spare time he had between his custodial and cooking duties.
Looks Like Someone Caught Gene Resting!

Kyle, Jimmy, Helen & Gene in Front of St. Ignatius Mission

Jenny, Ollie, Kyle, Jimmy, & Jim in Front of St. Ignatius Mission

Interior of St. Ignatius Mission

Interior of St. Ignatius Mission

The Altar at St. Ignatius Mission

Gene, Jimmy, Ollie, & Kyle.  Are They Waiting Until It's Their Turn for Confession?

Ollie & "The Last Supper"

Shh! Ollie is in Confession!

This Picture Tells About Boyd Jensen.  Jensen Painted the Frescoes on the Ceilings of the Church from 1985 to 1991.  He Died 6 years After Completing This Amazing Artwork.

Sign Telling About St. Ignatius Mission

Ollie and the travelers had a nice day touring St. Ignatius Mission.  I'd even venture to say that Ollie feels better after confessing some things in the confessional.  Want to know where Ollie is headed to next?  Find out here, dear readers!!

And That's What Sarah Says!!!

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