Sunday, November 27, 2011

Some Sarah's Sunday Sillies!!!

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and now it's time to haul out the Christmas decorations and start the Christmas shopping!

I wasn't one of the brave shoppers (that's what I'll call the people who headed out on Thursday evening or early Friday morning to get a good deal *wink wink*).  Instead, I was all nice and cozy under my blankets in our RV in my dad's backyard.  We did venture out later on in the day, but it wasn't that bad.

Now that the 2011 holiday season has officially started, I thought that I would share some comic relief to you, my faithful readers!

I figured that now that we've all had some "quality family time" and have "gobbled 'til we wobbled", that we could probably use a good laugh or two (or maybe even more).  That being said, here are some things that I thought I'd share because I thought they were cute or funny.  I hope you enjoy!

For my readers who are deer hunters:


And finally:

Do you have any funny cartoons or pictures to share?  If so, just let me know, and I just might use them in my next "funny" post...and of course give credit where credit is due!

And That's What Sarah Says!!!

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