Wednesday, November 9, 2011

'Tis The Season...Too Soon?!?!?

I've noticed that in the last few years, retailers are stocking the shelves with Christmas merchandise sooner and sooner each year.  This year, for example, I saw Christmas items out on shelves in some stores where Halloween stuff was just around the corner.  To me, that's just crazy!

No wonder by the time Christmas gets here, we're ready to "Deck our neighbor or the person who cut us off in the parking lot" instead of "Deck the Halls"!!

These days, we're simply not given the opportunity to enjoy Halloween or Thanksgiving without having the thought of Christmas shopping or planning the menu for Christmas dinner.

I was talking to one of my friends who works retail, and she told me that her store is already playing Christmas music and has been for a couple of weeks now.  I was shocked!  That's just crazy!! Again, no wonder by the time the magical holiday rolls around, we're tired of hearing the songs about Santa and his reindeer or the Christ Child!

So you're probably asking yourself, "When is a good time to start decorating or seeing Christmas decorations in stores?"  In my opinion, either right before Thanksgiving (like the week before or a couple of days before) or right after Christmas.  This gives us enough time to get over Halloween and Thanksgiving before having to start thinking about Christmas.

Now, don't get me wrong...I'm NOT against starting Christmas shopping early.  We've already bought a few items (which is unusual for us) and have a good idea what everybody else is getting.  Shopping for gifts is different (in my opinion) than decorating and cranking out the Christmas tunes.

Do you agree with me or disagree?  When do YOU think a good time is for retailers and us, the consumers to start decorating and get into the holiday spirit?

I'd love to hear different opinions on this subject!

In closing, let me leave you with a humorous illustration that I found.

If you don't hear from me before Thanksgiving, have a good one...and don't forget to "Gobble 'Til Ya Wobble"!! 

And That's What Sarah Says!!!

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