Saturday, December 10, 2011

'Tis the Love Chicken Poop?? I Love It!

A few months ago, I posted a story about a brand of chap stick called Chicken Poop Lip Junk. You can read my original post here.

Well, readers, since posting my original post, I have tried Chicken Poop and I absolutely love it! 

It makes my lips feel soft, and there's an ingredient (I'm not sure what it is) that makes my lips "tingle".  I always have some sort of chap stick with me, because I have dry lips.  Nowadays, I make sure that my purse ALWAYS has a tube of Chicken Poop in it.  I can't emphasize how great this product is!

I have given tubes of the original Chicken Poop to people as gifts, and it's always good for a laugh or two.

I highly recommend getting some for stocking stuffers this Christmas season.

You can find this product at stores like Tractor Supply or Rural King.  If you don't have one of these stores nearby, sells it.  You can also visit Chicken Poop Lip Junk's website by clicking here

If you look at their website, you can see what other silly products are available.  I'm interested in trying "La Chick Poo Poo"...their chap sticks with color.

If anyone wants to send me some of this stuff for Christmas, I wouldn't mind!!!

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