Sunday, August 25, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: Hollywood Stories: Short, Entertaining Anecdotes about the Stars and Legends of the Movies! by Stephen Schochet

I chose to borrow this book from Amazon as my "free lend of the month"...back in June.  It is now almost September, and am just now finishing this book because it is THAT long!

I didn't think that I would ever finish this book.  Not that that is a bad thing.

This book is full of interesting stories about every actor/actress that you can think of.

From The Three Stooges, to Walt Disney, to John Wayne, and tons more, this book has a story on just about anyone that you can imagine!

Some stories I had heard before, but most I hadn't.

This book gives a "behind the scenes" look at many Hollywood celebrities.  Some stories were funnier than others, but they were all entertaining, nonetheless.

If you like Hollywood gossip or like reading about celebrities, I highly recommend this book!

I will probably end up buying this book, so that I can reread it over and over again, because I am sure there is something that I missed!

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