Sunday, September 1, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: Rent A Husband: A Romantic Comedy by Sally Mason

As a member of "Amazon Prime", I am allowed one book per month from Amazon's library.  For the month of August, I chose "Rent A Husband:  A Romantic Comedy" by Sarah Mason

This book was kind of slow getting off the literary ground, but I decided to stick with it and am glad that I did.

The main characters are Darcy Pringle, who was dumped by her husband of 20 years for his secretary and Forrest Forbes, a playboy who is down on his luck after his family's fortune is lost.

Add to the mix, Carlotta "Lottie", the town gossip, the town klutz, Billy "William" Bigelow, and a newcomer to the town, Bronte, who quickly takes a liking to Billy, but he's got a crush on Darcy. Oh, and there's also Eric, Darcy's gay neighbor/friend, who is a TV producer or something like that and Forrest's friend's sister, an Indian (the country, not the kind of Indian that has tribes) princess.

I won't tell what all happens, but I thought that I had the ending all figured out, but was happily wrong for the most part.

The characters are likeable and believable and I found myself not wanting to stop reading just to see what would happen next.

I could see this being a movie.  Maybe not for the big screen, but definitely a TV movie.

I give this book four out of five stars!

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