Thursday, October 17, 2013

In Memoriam of Howard L. Pentecost....My Grandpa, My Hero, My Friend!!

On October 17th, 1921, the world changed forever when my grandpa, Howard Pentecost, was born.

He was a great brother, husband, father, uncle, cousin, grandfather, and friend. He and I had a nickname for each other and I'm not sure anymore how/when it originated. That nickname is "Fat Baby".

He was in the army when he was younger and loved to tell stories about his time in the service.

He and my grandma, Geneva were able to share just over fifty years of wedded bliss together before she left this world. I only hope that Brett and I can have the kind of love that they had.

My brothers, cousins, and I learned many things from my grandpa (some things our parents probably wish that he never taught us) and loved us all so much.

He loved to make us laugh any chance that he got and loved to sing silly songs. Some were made up on the spot, some were tweaked by him, and some were legit songs. He loved to sing, "Barney Google, with the goo-goo-goo-ga-ly eyes", but he had his own lyrics for it.

He even did his own "dance" called "The Mighty Mouse". If you would ask him to do it, he would act like he didn't want to do it, but in reality, he did and would.

He loved his animals (dogs and cats). They were ALL his babies and he treated them like they were humans. He had a shed for his St. Bernard dogs that had heaters in the winter and more than one fan during the summer months. Some days, he could even be seen napping in the pen with them.

Just over two years ago, we said "See ya later" to him after his earthly battle ended. We knew that the day was coming, but that didn't make it any easier.

I can't wait until the day that I can see him, my grandma, and other family members that have gone on. Until then, I will remember the good times that we had.

I obtained some pictures of my grandpa (and even a couple of him with my grandma) so that I could show just what a great guy he was! 

The Pentecost Clan

 Below, are some pictures from his Army days:

I'm Gonna Guess That He Sent This to My Grandma

In Uniform

My Grandpa (in the middle) & Members of His Gun Crew

Another Picture of My Grandpa and His Gun Crew

My Grandpa (left) and His Brother, Carl in Germany

My Grandma, Geneva and Grandpa Howard When They Were Dating
Years Later...Still In Love!!

Fishing...A Favorite Hobby of His!
Doing "The Mighty Mouse" at the 50th Anniversary Party For Him and My Grandma (That's his brother, Carl, next to him)

My Grandpa "Resting His Eyes" as He Called It

And now, a video that I uploaded to YouTube of my grandpa reciting a poem that he learned as a youngster and never forgot it.

This Makes Me Giggle/Smile Every Time That I Watch It!

As you can see, my grandpa was quite a character.  I think about him, my grandma, and my other relatives that have gone on before me every day and love to reminisce about the good times that we had and just wanted to share some memories of my grandpa with you, my dear readers.  I hope that you enjoyed this "journey" down memory lane as I pay tribute to my grandpa.

When he passed away on August 24, 2011, I made the following picture as my profile picture on Facebook in honor of him.

And That's What Sarah Says!!!