Sunday, September 28, 2014

Doing the 100 Days of Happiness Challenge....AGAIN? Plus Some More Stuff!!

Once again, I have gone for a long period of time without doing a blog post.  I would like to say that I've been busy in real life, but that's not 100% true.

In my last post, I talked about doing a "100 Days of Happiness" challenge.  If you're not familiar with this challenge, you can read about it here.  I would like to say that I was able to post for 100 days, but for some reason, I was unable to.  I think that I made it to day #85, though.

Well, I have decided to give it another go, because one of my good friends is also starting it again and has asked me to do it along with him.

So far, I am on day #7, and I think the way he figured it, we will post our day #100 on New Year's Eve.  That's kind of cool, I think.  It will be neat to "close out" the year with 100 days of happy.  At least I think so.

If you're interested in taking part in this challenge, here's what you do:

1)  Go here and sign the pledge.
2)  Choose your platform for submitting your pictures.  Here you can decide yourself on the privacy of your participation & happy moments.
3)  Submit your pictures via Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Don't forget to use the hashtag #100HappyDays !

****Your #100HappyDays picture can be anything from a meet-up with a friend to a very tasty cake in the nearby coffee place, from a feeling of being at home after a hard day to a favor you did to a stranger.

#100happyday challenge is for you - not for anyone else.

It is not a happiness competition or a showing off contest. If you try to please / make others jealous via your pictures - you lose without even starting. Same goes for cheating.****  

To see what makes me happy or what I am happy for, you can follow me on Instagram where I go by "SuperSillySarah" (without the quotes, though) or on Facebook, I can be found by clicking here.  What I share on Instagram automatically gets posted to Facebook.

I know that this post was kind of a repeat of my previous post, but don't worry, I have some great posts coming soon!! You don't want to miss them!! 

How about some teasers of what's to come in the near future?  

  • I have found an awesome piece of exercise equipment for people that are wheelchair bound or bed bound because of injury, disease, etc.
  • I'm going to do a blog post about our trip to Schaumburg, Illinois earlier this year for the Abilities Expo.  
  • My views on a few things in the news.
  • And even more fun stuff!!!   

And That's What Sarah Says!!!