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Backyard Mystery Project

A Collection of Guesses...

I've been thoroughly entertained at the speculation of WTF is going on in our backyard. The current list of guesses so far is below, along w/ the number of times it was guessed. If there's no number, it was only guessed once; if there is a number, that number is inclusive of the first person who guessed it. Some are rather detailed answers and very close to other guesses, but due to the creativity, I decided not to combine some of them. Also, what is wrong with some of you???

  1. Abstract Art

  2. Aeolian Harp

  3. Airbnb for Squirrels

  4. Archery Range

  5. Bandstand

  6. Bomb Shelter

  7. Brick & Turf Helicopter/Helicopter (2)

  8. Catapult

  9. Clock (2)

  10. Crop Circle - Sorry for the initial omission, Jason!

  11. Curved Bench w/ Arbor

  12. Dining Terrace

  13. Firepit (9)

  14. Flower Bed (2)

  15. Folly

  16. Fountain Base for Peeing Cherub

  17. Franzywood

  18. Gazebo (3)

  19. Giant Musical Instrument

  20. Grain Silo

  21. Ground-Level Weather Vane

  22. Half-Circle Planter

  23. Herb Garden

  24. Home Crematorium

  25. Horse Bath

  26. Horse Jump

  27. Horse Walker

  28. Horseshoe Pit

  29. Jacuzzi

  30. Koi Pond (2)

  31. Kubb Game

  32. Landing Pad for Aerowolf

  33. Manure Compost Area

  34. Miniature Coliseum

  35. Miniature Coliseum to Cast Heathen Critters to the Lions (or Squirrels)

  36. Miniature Hollywood Bowl

  37. Miniature Stonehenge/Stonehenge 2.0 (3)

  38. Mini Racetrack for Ernest (3)

  39. Outdoor Oven (5)

  40. Pile of Bricks

  41. Playground for Ernest (2)

  42. Pond

  43. Primitive Super Collider

  44. Rabbit Cirque du Soleil

  45. Raised Garden Bed

  46. Retaining Wall

  47. She Shed

  48. Shed

  49. Shotput/Discus Throw Pad (2)

  50. Slingshot

  51. Squirrel Launch

  52. Squirrel Teeter-Totter w/ a Classic Roman Coliseum

  53. Stations of the Cross

  54. Stone Igloo

  55. Sundial (9)

  56. Swimming Pool (3)

  57. Trebuchet

  58. Turtle Habitat (2)

  59. Walking Meditation Labyrinth

  60. Water Garden

  61. Well

  62. Wishing Well

  63. Zen Garden

  64. Zombie Fence

So What is it?

Well, I'm not going to tell you yet. But I will say there are some REALLY close guesses... And it isn't exactly a SINGLE thing. So there's your hint.

A few thoughts:

  • My British friend participated in the banter, so if you are an American rube like me, I included the link to what a Folly is in case you didn't know. You can also sense the British influence c/o #32.

  • I will one day have a Franzywood. No I won't. But that would be cool. Kinda. Instead of roller coasters like Dolly, we'd have crochet classes and naps.

  • A Koi Pond would be quite handy for the goldfish we are returning to the pet store today. Because HE'S HUGE. We got him as a snack for Ernest, but instead he eats Ernest's crickets. So he's history. But I'm sure he would have appreciated a Koi Pond.

  • I'm fascinated that two people guessed a shotput/discus throw pad.

  • I also feel that the number of times a "coliseum" of sorts came up is high. I suppose I should consider what that says about us.

  • It's still not a sundial, Brandon.

  • Trebuchet. I didn't combine this w/ #8, because I think Megan deserves props for calling out a specific type.

If all goes well, it won't be long before the project becomes obvious. Hope you stick around to see what it is.

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