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My baby's latest single

You guys. My baby released her second single back in July (but I'm just now posting it - oops). Anyway, it's adorable, just like her. I mean, we've been through how biased I am and all, but I do think it's pretty great. AND she has more coming! :-)

Listen to it here on Spotify.

Find her first single (and reviews), "Do U Notice Me?" in an earlier blog post of mine and stay tuned as I'll be sure to post when she releases new music! If you like what you hear, give a girl some love and drop a dollar to buy the track. You can find her on all the music platforms. :-)

And like last time, she's gotten some great reviews and PR on this song! Read on to see what others are saying about it:

She's definitely on her way to being a star... And not just in the eyes of her mama (which, of course, is the only place it matters).

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