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ARDELL Easy-to-Apply Magnetic Liner & Lash

Spoiler Alert: They're Neither Easy to Apply, nor Magnetic

Well, this is embarrassing.

My first post is about eyelashes. And fake ones at that.

I should preface this post with a few things:

  1. I don't usually wear fake eyelashes (strike one)

  2. Because I don't usually wear fake eyelashes, I asked my cohort of Asian beauty advisors for advice and recommendations

  3. Yes, I have a cohort of Asian beauty advisors (Lily Power!)

  4. I didn't really listen to my cohort of Asian beauty advisors (strike two)

  5. I *did* buy these with enough time to practice application (see #1)

So let's talk about my experience.

First of all, I opted for curbside pickup at Ulta. Because if this pandemic has been good for anything, it's been good for lazy a$$es like me who like not having to actually get out of their car to run errands. Anyway, I placed the order and drove to the store.

PSA: It can take up to an hour for the online order to travel from your phone to Ulta's computer system. I'm not sure why, but I now know from firsthand experience that it's true.

Anyway, I ended up waiting in my car for 45 minutes for Ulta's computer system to locate/process my order, and then for Misty (not her name, but it totally should be) to come to my car to drop them off. I could have saved time and just gone inside, but we already covered my laziness a little further up the page.

I figured I'd try them out as soon as I got home b/c I had to use them in a week and I wanted to make sure I had as much practice as possible. So I did.

Let's just say my first try at applying these was disastrous. I didn't take any photos b/c doing so would have pretty much been antithetical to any self-dignity I had by the time I gave up. I read the directions thoroughly several times before I started and followed the application instructions to the T. The result - caked on liner but no applied lashes.

So I tried again and again. And again.

I thought maybe the instructions just weren't clear - Like maybe when they said, "Apply while liner is still slightly wet," they actually meant, "Apply when dry." Or "Apply when totally wet." But neither of those worked either. Oh, maybe I should try putting the liner on my hand and then sticking the lashes to that line to practice... Then I could at least get the hang of WHEN to apply the lash without having to worry about actually applying the suckers to my eyelid.


I tried every day for a week. Every. Day. And I couldn't get them to work. I realize I am terrible at applying makeup (I once befuddled a makeup sales person who was trying to show me how easy a certain mascara was to apply - I failed gloriously). But even I thought I could get the hang of these after a week of practice. I was very, very, very wrong.

At 45-years old, I think I am accepting my lot in life; I accept that I am not cut out to apply lashes or do any makeup more complicated than some eyeliner and lip gloss (blush is really bad - believe me). Ultimately, I'm ok with this; but I want my money back from Ulta.

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