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The Girl from the North Country

There's nothing like going home

It doesn't matter how far away I go or how old I get; there is nothing like going home to mom and dad.

I've always loved this photo of my family; it was taken in 1978 for our church pictorial directory. The collars, the patterns, the youthful look of my parents...

The clothing style has changed and we've all aged, but we're all still kickin'. My dad turned 80 this past spring and has lost 90% of his eyesight. Up until last year when I hired Feliciano & crew (Quality Home Maintenance & Repair), he used to cut the grass and clear snow while my mom stood watch and told him when he missed a spot. My mom, who only ever drove when she had to and never on the freeway, is now the sole driver between them and cruises the interstate like a boss (well, she does it anyway). This photo (and others) reminds me of the young people who now reside (often against their will) in older peoples' bodies - my parents and my sister and me, included.

The hubster and I will be heading home to Minnesota on Wednesday (two more sleeps) and to say that I'm excited is an understatement. There is nothing in the world like going home, and every time I do is never long enough. We're going to listen to stories that my dad has told us 5 times already, we'll shift our focus back and forth between my dad and his stories and my mom as she interrupts him with a completely unrelated thought, and we'll share a simple meal or two - maybe a sandwich with no condiments (meat and cheese) or a skillet seared chicken tender (with no seasoning) and some beans... Dad can't eat a lot of flavorful stuff these days. And we're going to love every moment.

We're also looking forward to seeing the hubby's family and getting out on the lakes. We plan to fish as much as possible (fishing license purchased!) and dive into the cold, clear lake water that we miss so intensely when we're away. I'm looking forward to that "lake hair" something fierce...

With dumb COVID-19, I'm not sure what else we'll get accomplished this trip, but I'm compiling a wish list - Here's to hoping!

Minnesota - Summer 2020 Wish List

  • Catch a walleye

  • Eat a walleye

  • Catch a bunch of sunnies

  • Eat a bunch of sunnies

  • Canoeing

  • Loon-spotting

  • LeeAnn Chinn lunch

  • Caribou Coffee run

  • Mall of America - Maybe new dress shoes for Eric that he doesn't hate

  • Lots of boat time

  • Q.Cumbers - But I'm guessing they're closed so I'm not holding my breath

  • Card playing

Things to bring home:

  • Old Dutch Dill Pickle Chips

  • Western Salad Dressing

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