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I am a Revolution

At least that's what my mug says.

I'll be honest, I feel pretty good these days. I'm not sure I'm "revolutionary" status, but I feel better than good.

I successfully completed my 30-day detox on September 22nd and SHOCK of SHOCKS, I'm still sticking with the clean eating for the most part (I sprinkled some parmesan cheese on my stuffed pepper, I had a bag of fruit snacks, and I've had peanut butter a couple times - nothing too crazy). The weird thing is that I *still* haven't had pizza yet... I can hardly believe that. Anyway, I feel good.

The detox I did was the Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living program and I have to say, I recommend it. The protein shakes were really good and I had fun mixing all sorts of fruits and veggies together to create some pretty great concoctions. I was introduced to and learned to LOVE all things coconut milk. The recipes I found and made over the course of these past several weeks have been KILLER, especially the Slow Cooker Butter Chicken, Egg Roll in a Bowl (I made w/ coco aminos instead of soy), and Quinoa Stuffed Peppers from Detoxinista, Curry Chicken Salad, Curry Sweet Potato Stew, Chicken Herb Soup, and the Thai Quinoa Bowl from Arbonne, and a couple dishes that I already had in my arsenal - Vegan chili (a family favorite for years) and Thai Fresh Wraps w/ "Peanut" Sauce (sauce was actually made from almond butter and was a recipe from Arbonne as well).

I actually cook every night (Eric loves it) and have enough leftovers that I can put them on a rotation for lunches. I started out a bit intimidated by the cost (my grocery bill the first week for two of us was $238 and that's WAY more than I normally spend), but the bill went down by A LOT each week after that. This past week was $68 for an entire week of clean eating... Not bad!

I never thought I could deprive myself of gluten, dairy, sugar, AND soy for 30 days, but I did and I don't think I'll ever go back to the way things were completely. I just feel too good. Color me shocked and awed.

So there is all that, and THEN, I got summonsed to court a couple weeks ago to serve on a grand jury!! I have always wanted to do my civic duty and be a juror, but in my wildest dreams, I never imagined I'd get to be on a GRAND JURY. I am so excited. I report to court on Monday and I can't wait.

Also on Monday, my baby girl turns 23 years old. I have no idea how this happened. Every year I act all stunned that she's a year older and it seems so cliché, but I swear I feel it every year. She's already older than I was when I had her... Now that's crazy! Anyway, after court, I'll treat her to dinner and revel in the time I get with her. It's less and less as she gets older, and I treasure it more and more.

I'm still picking away at my project that is eating up all my evenings and weekends, but it's going well. It hasn't been announced yet, but when it is, I'll be sure to share more about what it is I'm doing. I feel pretty honored that someone I admire so much in my industry asked me to participate and I just really want to do a good job with it. I'll eventually get a free evening or weekend again; it just won't be in the super near future. :-)

My company recently acquired 360 Blue, a stellar property management company based out of Florida. They bring amazing properties and talent to our already-awesome company and I love the look of our future as one big, happy team. I'll be traveling down there soon and look forward to meeting my new teammates in person and getting the lay of the land.

I'm also hiring for a position in my department in Charlottesville and that's kept me busy at work in addition to the other stuff... But it's been fun meeting the candidates and talking about how great it is to work for Natural Retreats. So much growth in this industry for my company, and for me personally and professionally as I nurture relationships/partnerships into full-fledged friendships with amazing, smart, and forward-thinking people. I'm so fortunate to have landed in this industry a little over 5 years ago and can't wait to see what's next.

So yeah. I feel good. I daresay I sometimes feel like a revolution. Maybe just in my mind, but all revolutions start there...

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