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I Have a Crochet Injury

Because of course I do...

Since I've been MIA over the last month, I figure I should catch everyone up on things...

So my crochet injury is tendinitis. But it was likely caused by crocheting. But just look at these cats in the hats I crocheted for them. Just look. Totally worth it.

It was pretty painful so I was glad I found some pain relief w/ the steroids the doctor prescribed. I'm supposed to rest my arm, ice it periodically, and do gentle stretches. Fine. The crappy part is that while I'm "resting" from my injury, I'm falling further and further behind on so many crochet projects each day. Case in point: I am currently working on SIX major projects that require daily work on them for an entire YEAR before they're finished (the projects have stitches that are tied to each day of the year). So I'm not only *actually* falling behind each day I don't work on them, but the mental stress of KNOWING I'm falling behind is off the charts. I mean, it's not the end of the world, I know, but it just stinks.

Speaking of stinking...

Ernest had about a quarter of his shell amputated yesterday. I didn't post about it on social media b/c frankly, I didn't want to deal w/ interacting about it (you know, being social). The vet swears we couldn't have prevented it, but I feel like a terrible turtle mom. Anyway, the doctor says it goes back to his earliest days, likely before we even got him. But it still sucks. He's currently in dry dock, only allowed in the water for 30 minutes a day until the rest of his shell heals. He's so mad. Hopefully he won't hold a grudge. And yes, as a friend of mine commented yesterday, he's the most expensive turtle on the planet.

Eric and I performed together (for the first time in a year!) on the Friday of Valentine's Day Weekend at Early Mountain Vineyards. We were supposed to perform on Saturday as well, but Virginia decided it was a good time to snow/ice, so that was cancelled. It was nice to perform together again, though. It was also super cool that our friends came to see/hear us. We have good friends.

Eric also played at Early Mountain w/ our friends Danny and Bill (and Michael joined them on sax) about a week ago and those pros let me sing w/ them. It was terrifying, but weirdly fun. I'm honored to have such talented friends who let me play along.

I'm still working from home via my cool little hotspot that has been working really well. I'm thankful to have found that solution. It's kinda spendy, but it's worth the sacrifice to be able to commute to work in my PJ pants and have daily popcorn snack breaks at 3.

That's about it for highlights. Some might think, "Well, that's boring. A whole month of not blogging and that's all you have to say?" But I think it's pretty great that things just kind of truck along without much incident. I'm a lot of things and boring is most certainly one.

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