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Lake Girl

Here, Fishy, Fishy...

If there's one thing I know, it's that my soul is happiest on the lake.

We spent several glorious days fishing, (catching them is better; eating them is best), boating, lazing, and generally embracing #LakeTime at the cabin. It was hot - hotter than Virginia was on most of the days that we were there - but not even humid heat can make me care when I'm on the lake. The water was refreshing, if not a tad warm for the beginning of July, but it was perfect. #LakeHair is the best hair and I reveled in it daily (until I felt disgusting and had to wash and start over).

Of course, most of what makes #LakeTime so amazing is family. Rick and Lori were amazing hosts per usual, and even put up with us for days after the rest of the crew left. We are forever grateful for their hospitality, patience (I mean, it's us), and kindness. Randy and Sheila also hosted us for a day at their place down the road for a fish fry, games, and spelt-crust pizza! The games (Carbles!), the FOOD, the fishing, the boating, and the laughter were a collective balm for our spirits... Thank you.

I'm tanned, tired, and happy to be home, but my heart can't wait to go back. Perhaps one day soon, we'll have a place we can call our own up there... #StayTuned

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