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Small Win

Big Disappointment

I got hungry at 8:30 last night; but I didn't cave.

I drove by McDonald's on my way home from my massage (yeah, I know, but I'm detoxing and I feel like I deserve it), and I almost Starsky-and-Hutch'ed into the drive-thru lane because OMG, McDonald's french fries were like, "Where have you been?" I know, it was only Day 4, so it's not like I'd been away all that long, but it FEELS like it.

But I drove home. I drove home, thinking about McDonald's french fries and a fountain Coke the whole way. But I drove home with with neither - and I felt kind of proud of myself.

I was feeling pretty strong at that point (I mean, I had just refused my inner demon french fries), so I decided to have an "approved" snack. So I had these brown rice and sesame chips. They weren't McDonald's french fries, but did they satisfy my craving? No. But did they get those pervasive french fry thoughts to dissipate? Also, no.

Guys. It's now Day 5 and I'm blogging whilst eating my lunch of Tri-Green salad mix (mustard greens, collard greens, and kale) and carrots. I'm not asking you to send help, but I'm asking you to be ready.

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