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Wild Mountain Thyme

The Latest Frummel-Hummzen Production

Many of you may know that my college buddy Erik and I have been doing these Acapella-app videos for the last several months. This is the latest, and my personal favorite of all the ones we've done so far.

Erik had heard this song before and had always wanted to perform it with a choir, but never had the opportunity... Until now! Yay, Acapella app! Anyway, I think it's beautiful and it features his beautiful tenor voice which I think is so well-suited for this style of music.

We are super grateful to the publisher, Seolta Music, who granted permission to record and post this online (including social media), and not only waived their usual minimum order of 10 downloads, but graciously offered us two complimentary downloads (even though I offered to pay!) when I explained what we were doing (we were *actually* only two people who would sing all the parts).

Some of my readers are friends from my musical past; if you are and are ever in the market for some beautiful music (choral/band/orchestral), I hope you'll check out Seolta Music out of Ireland. They are a company of amazing people and we would love to see them supported!

Hope you enjoy my personal favorite of all the ones Erik and I have done so far - Wild Mountain Thyme, arranged by the very talented, Eoin Conway:

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